Yahoo!Go 2.0 is out, but beta is already full

The new Yahoo! Go 2.0 is out, but it seems already impossible to download it, as the beta is closed due to too high number of downloads. The result seems quite impressive, and now it works also on J2me. So as predicted (yes, this is in my 2007 predictions, but they are not yet published!), Yahoo is following Google (and soon Microsoft) in providing high quality frontend in J2me to their services…

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5 thoughts on “Yahoo!Go 2.0 is out, but beta is already full”

  1. Actually, it turns out that’s just the message for phones not currently supported. If your phone is one of the 70+ on the site, check back in the next few days because they will be pushing out beta versions for new phones very quickly.

  2. Jonathan, it was my initial analyzis (I’ve tried first with a K800i which is not supported), but I had the same result with a Nokia N80 which is in the list of supported phones.

  3. Hi
    Does anyone know if there is an alternate download site for this beta software. Shouldn’t paying customers of Yahoo services be able to download the app ?
    If someone has the java files can they be shared
    Any ideas.

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