Widgets creation made magic….

Beginning of this year, Webwag introduced the “Wod”,or Widget On Demand, that allows you to create a Widget on any web site. The process was quite easy, but it’s now even easiest, thanks to Webwag FireFox extension: a click and you’re done…How? Install the toolbar, find a site you love but don’t have widget? Press “Create a Wod button”, select the area you want and click “Done”…That’s all….You now have a new widget! There are of course limitation, but in most of the site, it works perfectly. Demonstration:

A wod in two steps

Go to your favorite website (example: http://boursorama.fr)
Press “Create a Wod” in the Webwag button and select the area you are interested in:

Then press ok, and….miracle, the widget is on Webwag:

And this works for many different site, including live site: the update is done real time. Try it yourself!

The extension contains also other features, like the ability to add directly an RSS stream from a page.

Final reminder: the tool bar is here

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3 thoughts on “Widgets creation made magic….”

  1. Hi Tom,

    What happens if the widget can not retrieve the xml entity it expects from the boursorama page?
    Is there any legal issue by displaying only part of other web pages?
    And how does the referenced web site know what the end-user sees through widgets?


  2. Hello David,

    From a technical point of view, there is no technical issue, as we are just showing the originating page in a frame.

    There is no legal issue, as we are not modifying anything in the originating site. But even, let’s imagine that this is draining too much traffic from let’s say boursorma: then it would be a good time for boursorama to think to create a good webwag widget! ;-)

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