Who will manage handsets customisation?

UI One is the qualcomm solution to replace hoem screen user interface of handsets. O2 just launched what seems to be the first UI One enabled product in Europe.

As you can see, result in terms of quality seems to be quite good:

Example of Operator branding (from Qualcomm Web Site)

Example of Indivudal user Personalization (from Qualcomm Web site)

Note: these snapshot are example of UI One user interface, but does not display specific O2 customisation.

The interesting question, is who can change configuration, and what part of the configuration. Does this mean that end user can totally change is own home screen beyon Wallpaper, or is just up to the operator to do it? Can we completely remove operator UI customisation (that is from time to time not as good as expected…)….

Anyway, read the new from the MEX blog: Qualcomm gains traction with O2 uiOne handset

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