Webwag seed funding announced…

We’ve finally announced the seed funding of Webwag that was kept silent since some time. The press release is here.

And finally, Techcrunch finally made a reference to us (ok, Techchrunch fr only but better than nothing).

Also, we’ll be in the states in the coming weeks, in the bay area: for the Web2.0 Summit,  and WidgetSummit conference, Mobile2.0 Event where we are speaker, and at the CTIA where will be announcing (let’s cross fingers) some interesting things.

2 thoughts on “Webwag seed funding announced…”

  1. You’re right, I was talking more of 2007 where Webwag pionnered in a lot of new areas, thanks to the launch of mobile, the Wod, etc…. (and I was also in a bad mood when writing this for other reasons!)

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