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The 3gsm will happens this week. I usually do not speak a lot about what we are doing here, at MobileScope or In-Fusio, especially in my team, the “advanced technology” one. I am doing an exception, as this will be publicly presented to the 3gsm. We will demonstrate our “ProjectX” technology.

ProjectX is a game and platform prototype, exploring three topics:

  • WebToWireless
  • Accelerated 3D on mobile
  • UMTS/3G data connections

The demo will show a racing car game, with a “Capture The Flag” concept; that can be played both from a Web Browser, from a mobile with a 2D version, or from a mobile with an accelerated 3D version.

The challenges are numerous: how to provide a reasonable consistent playability with both 3D and a 2D version. It helped us also to understand the expected latency with GPRS and UMTS on real networks. Finally, we started also to work on these new 3D accelerated chipset. Unfortunately, on this last topic, there is still some work to do…

So if you are interested, just come and see me at the 3Gsm, Hall2. I will be here mostly in the morning.

Also, thanks to Stephane De Luca, who was behind most of the achievement of this demo

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