3 thoughts on “Web2.0 outsourcing humour”

  1. Hello PK, of course this is over exageratted, that’s why it’s funny. On the other hand, that’s not so far from some real situations sometime

  2. I work with a scheduler, clients always take any schedule and demand it be tightened. Just like they demand any costs be lowered.

    We have clients that take 3 months to approve a project then demand it be delivered 3 months ahead of schedule even though suppliers often need 18 months lead time to deliver.

    For services they demand the same thing. The biggest delays are always in client approval if you are using a gate review process. Yet they always complain when you put in realistic dates for the review delay.

    To meet their schedules you have to have people working 7 days instead of 5 which means higher costs and you blow the budget.

    If they would just accept a realistic schedule in the first place budget and schedule overruns would be cut by 50%.

    The other 50% comes from clients constantly changing the scope of the project.

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