We are looking for great developers!

Yes, take a look at this post from our corporate blog:

Have you always wanted to work in a company that is at the heart of Mobile and Web 2.0 technologies? Are you a motivated and talented Web developer? Is JavaScript your first language and AJAX definitely not a cleaning product for you? If so, you can send us your resume and motivation email. We have a full time open position to be filled ASAP. Knowing the mobile technologies is of course a big plus.
We also have 3 great training period opportunities, starting in April. They will both touche Mobile and Web aspects.

All  positions are based in Bordeaux, France (we may evaluate remote work for proven autonomous people).

Please includereferences to your past accomplishments as they are as important (even more) as your educational background.

To apply, please send an email here (and don’t forget to correct the spam protected email address).

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