5 thoughts on “Update about J2MEMap”

  1. Any chance of getting j2memap signed, so that i can read /write the map files to my phone, rather than downloading everything, without me having to say ‘yes to access’ fifty times every time i run it? This is a problem on the k750i, and I think the midlet needs to be signed to work with the manufacturer installed certificate, as you can’t install new root certificates.


  2. I agree with that this a problem Steve….Java certification might be a solution, but it’s a costly process (for a non commercial app especially), and this will prevent evolution, because it’s new release or bug correction will need to pass certification again.
    I think end user should be able to himself raise the level of trust of some application if he want to, but that’s not yet a JavaMe feature.
    In the meantime, I am afraid that situation will be worst andf worst, as you will be asked for more warning when features will be added (like bluetooth connection with PC).

  3. I’ve been looking at the possibility of installing root certs to the K750i, doesn’t look promising unfortunately. One thought occurred to me, would it be possible to locate a file on the memory stick, and use it as a filesystem in itself (i.e. open as random access, and keep open) that way, the read/write request would only occur once. maybe assign a max size to it as well – just in case. One other thing – with regards the google route not working, i see that routepoint support isn’t in there for the gpx format – might this resolve it? I’m sure you’re as busy as the rest of us, but loving the app, and happy to help / code if i can be of use, as i really see the benefit of this little app. Cheers, Steve

  4. Am not able to use this sw when i driving.Because it is continuously asking can i read can i write.we need user friendly short cut keys.Bt gps must discover automaticly.Track saving is a problem .If you want browse drectory when you save tracks SE w850i crash.We must be reboot the phone.If you disable the network it is trying read from cache ,If necessayr map is not in the cache this loop .it is asking continuously can i read can i write.We must be reboot the software.I think you must be put this list on the top of the to do list.Because many driver will use it .

  5. Hi,
    Is J2ME Map reliable to use in commercial application? If so how can we get the commercial version of J2ME Map that will be more stable then open source version.

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