UI and the Fun factor…

Interesting document from Nokia about Visualization and graphic design for mobile. Not a revolution, but contains some cool tips.

A few examples:

  • The FUP maturity model: Features, Usability, Pleasure. Do not forget the Pleasure of using and app.
  • Deliver your promise: you cannot improve low quality app with just eye candy and visual attractivness…
  • Entertainment vs Enterprise type application and impact on design
  • FlashLite as a tool to prototype mobile UI: I totally agree, it’s one of the best tool to quickly test and geet feedback on innovative UI even if it’s not always the target technology.
  • etc…

Worth a read for all mobile developper/designers (and yes, In-Fusio has contributed to this nice doc!)
My remarks is that I hope that S60 Nokia UI designers will adopt this principles (especially the FUP on the Usability/Pleasure part!).

So what I like the most is this FUP concept: Features, Useability, Pleasure…Frequently, the balance is not well done in all of these. We have some great featured product, but not fun at use, or good looking one, but totally unseasable. It’s usually very hard to mix both, but some achieve to do it. A good exemple is this “discoapp” for Apple. It’s just a simple CD rom burner program, but the interface is not only very readable and clear, but fun too. A good example of well balanced mix, look at this video of what happens when a CD is being burned:

[QUICKTIME http://discoapp.com/blog/images/Curtain.mov 410 466] Through Small Surfaces.Technorati Tags: , , ,

2 thoughts on “UI and the Fun factor…”

  1. Hello Pedro,

    I am aware of Tricast, however I will not comment on them anymore until I see a real product…Too much buzz for now, so I am waiting for having a real app and not a video or a remote demo. It might be a good product, but I think that they are damaging it with bad communication.

    And I it’s not yet really Flash lite like, as it’s yet bitmap based.

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