The future of board games….

This post has nothing to do with wireless, but interestingly, there is a lot of noise and buzz around touch screen these days. There was this nice “MultiTouch” demo, and a lot of buzz around the next iPod having a touch screen based interface..

I’ve put together some of the piece I’ve seen on this topic, as the most interesting topic in my views is the impact of these touch screen for gaming. Mitsubishi released a product that it’s not really a touch screen because the display is coming from a video projector, but the spirit is here. Several “players” can touch simultaneously the screen, and there is a nice demo with WarCraftIII.

Philips also showed at the last CeBit an LCD touch screen prototype.

This is the premise of the next generation of board game, who will mix the coolness of video games and the social approach of board games. First, you can embed thousands of board games in a single unit, you can mix video, and you can interact with physical objects. And it allows the creation of a lot of new and interesting games… An example of this is the “Neon Race” project where the game interact with the object that you put in the playfield, and eventually “crash” into them…Great concept!

Lastly, some are working also on “force feedback” desk, like the ProActive Desk

Philips picture from Gizmodo blog, Mistubishi from IGN site…

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