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Infography: iPhone vs. android shows north vs. south split (and in real time)

This is an interesting visualisation that I’ve created a few days ago. The principle is simple: each geolocalized Tweet is displayed on a map, in real time. Tweets sent from an iPhone are displayed in Red while tweets sent from an Android are displayed in Blue. Others (emitter not know, bots, 4square updates, etc.…) are displayed in white.

Here is the map:

(click to see it full screen)

The results are quite interesting: it shows that the split android/iPhone happens more at a country/continent level than at a user level. USA, England, Japan are in their vast majority « iPhone users », while South America, Spain, Indonesia are much more Android focused. France is one of the few balanced countries.
In other words, seems another north vs. south split, or rich vs. poor (it seems for instance that some Brazilian big cities are iPhone users while the rest of the country is much more Android).

You can see it in action live: tweetworldtom.herokuapp.com
Technically speaking, I’ve just used a node.js server that stream all tweets on a client through soket.io, and then use processing.js to draw them on top of a world map.

In another article I’ll show some source code example on how this has been created.