Support for Bluetooth GPS in J2ME Map

This picture show J2ME Map communicating with a Bluetooth enabled head (this is the BETA vrsion, 07.03). This works quite well, and you are able to get your positionning while driving and display it on a Google Map/Virtual Earth Map… That’s quite fun, this probably needs to be linked to other features like direction. One things that is missing in Google Map is reversegeocoding, in other words the ability to get a street adress from your current position, feature which exists anyway in GoogleLocal for mobile!

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One thought on “Support for Bluetooth GPS in J2ME Map”

  1. i was try j2memap v0.900, so i wana question, the picture that i see, it’s a true or not? i mind, the map that i see now are i’ts the same with the date now ex today 3 jul 2006! and please give me instruction how to use this application! thank you before

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