SecondLife on Mobile

Congratulation to Vollee, who displayed for the first time some videos of what they are doing secretely since several years: a great technology to easily deploy any desktop game to mobile, using video streaming.
As you can see, it’s not only a direct transcoding of the desktop stream to a mobile screen, as the content would have been totally unuseable ( too small, too many information, etc…) but something much more smarter. And of course, this works for any game, not only SecondLife.
We were doing some experimentation in this area two years ago at MobileScope, bascially using streamed GoogleEarth picture as a background of a game. I’ll do a post some day if I can find some video of these experiments.
But here is the Vollee example:

Now, there are some key question still to be answered: is there a market for this? Does the bandwidth cost worth the value of this?
But anyway, congrat to Vollee team and to Julian for these great achievement.

2 thoughts on “SecondLife on Mobile”

  1. TomSoft – Hey I am glad you saw this – thank you for the nod. means a lot coming from you! I think that – as always you make good points – however we are seeing that the cost of bandwidth is rapidly taking the same direction as with PC and flat rate data plans are becoming the norm as carriers move their ARPU from voice to data. Stay in touch – Julian

  2. hi all.i’ve 1 problem with Secondlife on my device,N95 2G.Anyone can help me,please?
    I can’t play and it have a notice “terms of agreement have been changed.please login through Pc to read and approve,in order to connect on mobile”.so the terms of agrement is in the Vollee or Second life?and what’s it mean?
    I’m from Viet nam.There’s no 3G network here.Thanks alot.

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