Predicition for 2006!

I will go also through my little prediction for 2006. Most of them are based on my previous post, and yes, it’s Christmas break:

  • Google will buy a Opera(if not already done): the “OS” of Google is the browser, so they need to provide one on platform who does not have one, or a good one. That’s why I predict that they will buy a browser company typically Opera. The interest of Opera for Google is that they also have a good mobile offering.
  • But Google will move from the “Good side” to the “Evil Side”. Too powerfull, too big, too smart….
  • The “big three”, Yahoo, Google and Microsoft will enters more strongly into mobiles. All will provides much better access to their service to everybody mobile.
  • Location based service will increase, especially in North America, thanks to GPS enabled mobiles. In Europe, such mobile will start to appear

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