Plusmo: mobilize your channels….

Pulsmo is
another start-up in the area of “mobile channel” (I prefer to use
this word instead of Mobile Widget, as my definition of mobile widget is more
Anyway, despite some real weaknesses in user interface, it’s a really
interesting app. basically, you can subscribe to some channels from the
application. Channels are typically RSS feed, and you can subscribe directly to
any existing feeds, or you can subscribe to these so called
“widgets”. In fact, the widgets are typically some small app interacting
with the server. They look like xml based app.
The application contains a kind of small html/xml displayer, that allows you to
browse for newer widget (in fact, the widget discovery is another widget).
The web server allows you also to configure your application.
In fact, it remind me Bluepulse, but in a much better and more visually appealing
way. The interaction between client and server seems to appear less frequently
than on Bluepulse,.

The main screen…

Browsing Engadget RSS feed…

The starbuck locator

Browsing a Picture Flickr feed….
Found through Mobhappy

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