Support for Bluetooth GPS in J2ME Map

This picture show J2ME Map communicating with a Bluetooth enabled head (this is the BETA vrsion, 07.03). This works quite well, and you are able to get your positionning while driving and display it on a Google Map/Virtual Earth Map… That’s quite fun, this probably needs to be linked to other features like direction. One things that is missing in Google Map is reversegeocoding, in other words the ability to get a street adress from your current position, feature which exists anyway in GoogleLocal for mobile!

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Where do you live?

Playing a little bit with GoogleMap, and having saw a nice page somewhere on the web (but I really can not find it anymore) showing all the list of tiles to go to a specific location of GoogleMap, I’ve just created a fun page where you just enter a latitude longitude, and he shows the list of tile from here.
You can try it at

For instance, for statue of liberty, it’s:

Have fun!

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New Yahoo Maps beta

I’ve just played a little bit with the last version of Yahoo Map beta.

First, my comment is that the application is big, in size! It tooks literraly more than 10 minutes at home to download. Yes, I am one of the few without DSL, so I still have to use a modem! The beauty of GoogleMap was his simplicity and the use of standard Web Technologies. I guess that being late in the race, Yahoo had to find something to differenciate…
The application is fancy, but not really innovative. For instance, you have three text string for your request (one for finding place, the others two for directions) while Google had just one box for all of these…
The other strange thing, when you look inside, is that all tiles are predefined Flash elements. But these elements just seems to contains a bitmap..sounds strange (look at ).
One the other hand, the AJAX interface seems to work quite well. The good news is that if you use it, all tiles are png images, but with some strange choice: they are 258×258 (256×256 seems much more simpler! :-) ). But anyway, it should be quite easy to use them in other mapping application, like the good J2MEMAP! ;-)

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The end of the OS?

Why bother about your operating system, mac, windows, or whatever? What it really important today, in your digital life, is your data….Do you really care about your OS, or do you care about your pictures, movies, documents, and so on…
There is three different category of (multimedia) datas:

  • Your personnal data, that you have created. Typically your own photo, video, but also your documents….
  • The data that you own. Typically, the music/video you bought. Ideally, you just bought the right to view these data, for a spefici support, or for a specific time, or foerever….
  • Everything else: what is free (the Web generally speaking)..

And what you see know, is an emerging generation of “media players”, that are gradfually replacing the “old generation” of PDA, Smartphone, etc… This generation (PDA and such) was an OS centric generation. Designed by engineer for geek, very powerfull to do complex tasks, but unable to do simple ones. This dinosaur generation is dying, and the new one is now data and user centric: the ipod, the mobile phone, etc… these are now real mass market device, (may be technically more powerfull than the previous one) but focused on your data: mp3, photo and now video…You do not care really of the OS of these stuff, but you care about data imperobaility. In other words, to be able to listen to your music whatever is the device…
I predict that is where is going the OS, and the internet. Your OS will be a commodity, with a few of common but good applications, to manage your data, share them, download them, etc…

Mobile Interface to Google Map


I’ve just played the past weeks with google Map, and I have made a nice interface to Google Map(!)
I will publish more technical information on how to create such application, as there was some interesting problems.

But you can already take a look at the application, available here: or through your Wap browser at

This has only been tested on SonyEricsson, and probably works only these device!

But the application is quite cool, you can navigate either through map or satellite pictures, do search on google, see the result and even give phone call to the result of your search!

Google and Sun

Google and Sun just made an announcement that they enter in an agreement ( ) to integrate Google ToolBar in some Sun products, typically JavarunTime environment and OpenOffice….

Google, and probably Yahoo, are in my views preparing the next revolution of the OS. In fact, they are killing the need for a specific OS. With most of their tools being server based and really useable (which was not the case during the first wave of “web based tools”, some years ago), they just need a good web browser.

Then, what is missing really for an average end user? A few enhanced application (maybe a word editor,) or some games (but not core gamer games), and this can be done easily using Java…

Then, why do we really need a complex, heavy and costly operating system to run a web browser?

What might be interesting in the future is that this gives a good opportunity for new and innovative operating systems. The only requirement for such system: be able to run a web browser and a JVM, and then you will fill 99% of the requirement of a Google or Yahoo centric world….

What is a multiplayer game?

I’ve just been through one of the report following the last CTIA (, and I have noticed this comment, from Bill Barhdyt, CEO of Sennari:

“Speaking of multiplayer gaming, Barydt defined networked mobile gaming by two categories: person to person interaction (through advertising, in-game transactions and AI-based game content) and person to machine (instant messaging. turn-based tournaments and wagering)”

What does this mean…. As usual, multiplayer game is not the only way tu use network, sending score, managing interaction, turn based games , etc.. are other type of interactive games with the server…
We used to name this connected game, and were too honnest to not put this into the multiplayer category…So we were doing multiplayer in this definition since ’99…A real precusor!

YAB: Yet Another Blog

Well, another guy writting his small blog in the cyberspace? For what? My purpose will be to share some of my views on various technical topics related to wireless, mobile, and internet! There are probably already plenty of these, but I see one key advantage for me: it will help to write some of the idea, thinking, etc…on the things around me, and prevent them to disappear!

And of course, feel free to add your comments, suggestion!

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