OrangeGPS application: great…

I’ve just
discovered today the latest version of the Orange GPS application. It’s a quite
good GPS guidance app, who haves all the usual stuff that you except to find in
such app. Briefly:

  • Find where you are
  • Get guided to a certain destination
  • Get point of interest (restaurant, etc…)
  • Voice output
  • Link with address book
  • etc…

This is already quite good, but what I really like, is that:

  • ll the path are computed on server side. So I do not need to embed megabytes
    of data…
  • the business model: its 1.5€/request or 10€ for unlimited number of request
    per month.

Good be seen as expensive on a per request basis, but for not frequent users,
it’s in fact much more economical than buying an expensive TomTom software or
equivalent. During the year, there is probably only a dozens of occasions where
I really need such software, that’s why this business model is well adapted to
such situation.And it’s also a good way to get addicted to such service! ;-)

That’s a real great step in the right direction, and a truly added value service, which I am ready to pay for….

Unfortunatly, the application is only available on most of the Symbian or Windows mobile phone….

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