OpenLaszlo for mobile….

Sun/Laszo announced this week that they will work jointly on a new project called “Orbit”:

“Orbit” is an exciting collaborative effort between Sun Microsystems and Laszlo Systems enabling OpenLaszlo applications to run on devices supporting the Javaâ„¢ Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME) application platform. This project will be delivered as part of the OpenLaszlo “Legals” multi-runtime effort, with first demos available before the end of 2006.

Laszlo sounds nice, it’s a framework based on XML/JavaScript that allows you to create and deploy Web application on different technologies: mainly Flash but soon DHTML (and now J2me?).

The promise seems a little bit big, so I excpect that exported application will have some limitation, but it is a nice idea to follow. Could this effort help to solve the “Widget fragmentation” issue?

4 thoughts on “OpenLaszlo for mobile….”

  1. OpenLaszlo probably is going to best serve the ‘mobile widget’ category of application. You probably wouldn’t want to build a game with it, nor any application that requires any ‘deep’ access to the device hardware. I hope Sun/Laszlo keep things simple on the first round and look at making mobile apps/widgets built with OL useable by the majority of ‘newer’ devices.

    It would also be REALLY nice if some of these widget companies stop trying to re-invent the wheel and work together. How many XML + Script based languages do we need – most of them basically do the same things (views, animate, datasets, etc). LZX (OpenLaszlo’s XML dialect) is open and could provide a decent starting point for others to build their widget platforms on – and (best of all) could start to see some compatibility between widgets emerge.

  2. Hello Brian,

    I agree on OpenLaszlo. I like the simplicity of it, that reminds me also the konfab Widget. Very readable, especially for doing simple things…

    The browser based widget framework benefit of all the features of the browser (including css) but I have the feeling that it makes things more complex for somebody who don’t know all of this and just want to do visually appealling stuff…
    The other issue, is that a browser based framework is hard to port in a constrained environment, like mobile….

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