Nokia talk at GDC

Unfortunatly, I was not at the GDC this year. However, Nokia put online some of the GDC talk on their developer site. Check this presentation about the future of the NGage, especially in the community area…

Check the video on Nokia site.
There is a demo of the upcoming N-Gage deck:

One interesting indea, is the “NGP”, no too far from a loyalty point approach. In the demo, the first time the player plays snake, he is asked to put his nickname If he does this, he is award 20 points of NGP….

What is clearely great is the deep link between the game and the platform, the NGP points are awarded and displayed DURING the game, and not outside the game….

The profile of course can be customized. In the demo, the guy is taking a picture of himself to modify his gamer profile….

And of course, the UI is very smooth and clean, with nice transition, etc……

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