Navigation on mobile for free (nearly)

I’ve just realized recently that GoogleMap has an interesting possibility. When looking for directions, you can specify a latitude/longitude location instead of an address. This opens up the possibilty of real time directions on your mobile, linked to your GPS( thanks to J2memap)…
So I’ve quickly implemented this in Version v0.906, thanks to the “here” location in the direction box. If you type or selecet here, your coordinates will be used as a starting point.

Here is an example:

Lost in Paris?

Lets find an hotel

Do I have an issue with “é”?

Let’s find how to go there


and follow the sign…

This is GPS navigation for free (except the data costs, that might be huge depending of your operator!)

And my disclaimer: this is an experimental feature, and does not attempt to replace any “real” navigation system!

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7 thoughts on “Navigation on mobile for free (nearly)”

  1. Yesterday all it worked quite fine and has been effective to find my way.
    Thank you, Thomas.
    Could it be a nice improving with the rotation of the map so to see my heading always pointing to the top of the screen?

  2. Thanks for the feedback Antonio.

    A few improvment are planned on the very short term:
    - improve the display on the map, there are a few overlapping elements
    - add a wat to go automatically to next point of interest (so next turn) when reached one
    - a few minor tweaks

    For rotation, it’s something that I plan to do, but it will require more time….

  3. I’m unable to use this with my samsung SPH-A920. It’s sad because I could use it with a LBS feature my carrier has.

  4. It is worth having a look at nav4all(.com). This works in a kindof similar way. Three things would make j2memap a killer application:

    (a) caching map tiles that have already been downloaded (on supported phones) or allowing the user to download them in advance using their PC.
    (b) adding a j2me version of something like miniGPS or navizon.
    (c) sime kind of vector display of maps, which would massively cut GPRS costs.

  5. nav4all. I had a look on it. They should call it bigbrother4all.

    Under their friendly base line and image, it seems to me the deal will be: free navigating system for everyone to get a critical mass and become a standard. In a second time, offer a paying tracking to the companies to watch their employees. Thank’s; not for me. I prefer to pay…

  6. Can you provide support for the nokia E62, I tried to use the E61 version but it didn’t work, it didn’t even detect by bluetooth gps receiver. If that’s possible it would be great. thanks

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