My first Konfabulator Widget

I’ve just make my first Konfabulator Widget…

The good things, is that took me just ten minutes to understand how to do it and to make it run (I just wanted to display the number of registered users to J2memap as a widget).
It also took these 10 minutes to realize where were the limitations of the framework…

  • No HTML or XML parsing. For something that is frequently used to display in a specific way Webpage, XML data or RSS feed result, and that rely so heavily on XML internally, it’s incredible to see that there is no built-in parsing engine. You have to do you’re own.
  • Basic rendering engine: all graphical elements need to be pre-rendered (with the exception of text). No layout feature, just good old bitmap, the only fancy stuff is transparency.

So even if you start to build something very rapidly, it requires a huge maintenance effort each time you want to do a modification. It would have been great to have a better Web awareness, by including an XML parser, and a kind of HTML/CSS rendering engine. This would have made things much simpler….


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