mPowerplay and J2memap

First, I’ve finally went upgraded J2memap with some important functions. search is now fixed (but not yet direction), but more important, a some memory allocation issue on Nokia has been fixed.
I take the occasion of this note to “introduce” mPowerplay. This fantastic tool enable you to display any midlet on the web, without any change, just by adding ” before the URL of the midlet you want to display, and ending with “.jnlp”. Of course, you can protect your midlet if you want, for demo games for instance. I am just surprised to see that no so many developers are using it. See the result on J2memap: J2meMap_Beta

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9 thoughts on “mPowerplay and J2memap”

  1. I thought it’s isn’t allowed to use the maps other than in a webside ? Did know more about that ?

    How do you get those maps ? There are only javascript api. Are you emulating a browser on the server side ?

  2. Olli,

    It’s a kind of grey area…Google or msn could probably tell me at anytime to stop using their map,as well as the other applications in this kind. One of my objective is to use some more “public” map, that could be used without restriction….

  3. I’m very keen on knowing how you have integrated the javascript apis in the J2ME client.
    Would you like to tell us a bit here ?


  4. Olli,

    It does not use the JavaScript version, but use a more direct access to tiles…. There are some literature on the web, and for this part, I am sorry to not help you directly….

    WhereAmI is another example of use….

  5. Hi Thomas

    I have a problem getting any response from Holux GPS on my Nokia 6670. Is this functionallity surposed to work?


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