MobileZoo: the definitive museum for mobile diversity logoMobileZoo is a part time project done by Stephane DeLuca, one of the members of the Advanced Technology Team here at In-Fusio.

One of the initial idea (I am just over simplifiying, as there are many ideas in the air here!) was the following: instead of creating specific benchmark to provide information about handsets, or to create your own code to gather this information and store it on your server, why not provide a service for this?
The ideas is to create a small library (less than 8kb) that can be easily embedded on most (if not all) J2me application. The library than gather the maximum of information about the handset and send them to a server.
This server then maintains a database about handset capacities, supported JSR, configuration, etc….
There are multiple benefits on this approach:

  • developer can easily find usage of his own application. Focus on the real added value of the app, and not on this plumbing
  • other developer haves access to consolidated statistics about handsets capacities
  • marketing people will also have a visibility of handset deployed per country…

So basically, it will use the combined power of several individual small applications (typically freeware like j2memap) to create the most complete handset database available…..

We’ve just trialled it since last week with J2memap, initially for SE phones (that’s why you will see much more SE than Nokia) and now for most of the handsets. The results are quite interesting:

  • First, the most used handset, is without any surprise, the SE K750. But just after is the K700, a quite old model know but still heavily enjoyed by many users.
  • Then, the W800i, W810, etc….

Of course, some Java Vending Machine haves some of this feature built in, but none of them offer such service for third party, and expose this detailed information about usage both for the application user, and for the community….

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7 thoughts on “MobileZoo: the definitive museum for mobile diversity”

  1. Hello Tom,

    Mobile Zoo is a nice initiative, but unfortunately the MobileZooHunter client is a CLDC1.1 MIDP2 application only…my Nokias 3650 and 6600 cannot run it!

  2. Hi Andrea,

    I have released CLDC 1.0 version (still MIDP2) of mobile zoo hunter (1.3.1) that you can download straight from

    I’m gonna create a web page to collect all feedbacks about mobilezoo technology.

    I am finilizing a MIDP 1 version of the app, that I will make available on the same page in a few hours…


  3. As a user (of mobile zoo or J2memap), you can not see the application stat, or if you just downloaded and used it it’s probably in the last 10 captured DNA at the bottom right of the page.
    Or you can select your handset in the list in the same page…

    As a developer, you can see the statistics of your own application….

    I guess that more cool information for everyody will be added in the near future!

  4. Yes, I’m the developer and I’ve included the stat code in some new applications, which will be launched soon.
    Where do I see my special application stats ? I can’t find them even after I’ve logged in.

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