MobileWidgets are moving fast: Mobease acquired by Webwag!

 Seems that mobile widget is a really fast moving area. Our first product (MobiFindIt!, a mobile search engine) has just been launched, and our second one, mobidget is not yet public (but you won’t have to wait too much) and we are already acquired! The happy owner of Mobease is Webwag, one of the actor of the start page space…

+ mobeaselogo_final_smal_logo.png

We were discussing, and even working together since some time, the WOD (Widget On Demand) being one of the first result of this great collaboration.
 I’ll will take the role of WebWag CTO. It’s a really interesting space, as we are one of the few company with a strong experience both in mobile and in Web technologies, Ajax, Web2.0, etc… But there is an incredible amount of work to be done, both for improving the current platform and adding all our cool new innovations.
  Widget are now increasingly popular, mobile widget are on the same trends too, the launch of the iPhone increased a lot the visibility on this space. Technically speaking, there are a lot of challenges, both on web and mobile (Ajax and his challengers like Flash, RDA, Mobile Ajax, etc….) that show that there are a lot of open possibilities.
  But more than technology used to achieve this, widget and personnal page are in my view the best example of web and mobile integration, where user can access to the same data from various devices. The usage (of these devices) will be different, but they all provide an ubiquitous access to your personnal datas and area of interest.
As you guess, the integration of mobease technologies (Mobile Search, Mobile Widget) will provides a superior user experience when combined with the Web.

  I will also speak as a Webwag representent at the next Benchmark conference on the Web2.0 this Tuesday in Paris.

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5 thoughts on “MobileWidgets are moving fast: Mobease acquired by Webwag!”

  1. Maybe you only need a PowerPoint in the future. By the way, that was in fact all that was needed during 1998-2000.

    Not to lessen the success of mobease in any way. Great job! I only wish my own plans for a widget platform had come off the ‘hand drawing on a napkin’ state.

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