MobileWidget: Nokia is in the race too

Widset pictureAs usual, once an idea is in the air, big names try to surf on it. Mobile widget make no exception, and Nokia juste revelead today his “Widset” initiative…. It’s one of the several on-going attempt to create mobile widgets, but it will be probably higly visible. As it’s one of my favorite topic, I will post an in-depth review of the application, as soon as I will be able to make it run on my handset (nobody is perfect), but after a quick look, it seem similar to what I’ve presented yesterday (plusmo), except that they have got an incredible look and feel, and a cool web site…Stay tuned for more info!

Update: The mention to Nokia came from this post, but it seems that there is no clear statment on the widset about parent company….
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One thought on “MobileWidget: Nokia is in the race too”

  1. Thomas, this is real slick… I’d say this is by far one of the best mobile RSS/content aggregator… interesting concept and UI… and what’s more, it is super fast even on my 2.5G phone. Definitely one to watch in the coming months.

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