Mobile2.0 event feedback

Unfortunatly, I was not able to attend to what seemed to be an interesting event. However, Mike Rowehl made partially an analysis of the event, but also had great comments about the various actors:
Mobile2.0 – Didn’t Quite do it

I really like these one:

  • Lots of people looking to publish new content for mobile were upset about the number of browsers and incompatible standards they needed to be familiar with in order to get anything up and online. However the
    people working in mobile for a while were pissed about anything that tried to plaster over all the differences they’ve spent years learning the ins and outs of and building up adaptations for.
  • People coming from the web world insist that the only real way to get mobile used is to make sure that mobile and the web integrate well, that there should be seamless blending of the web and mobile. People coming from places without fixed internet access yell and scream that we really need to stop shoving the web into their perfectly usable mobile only environment.
  • Mobile service providers list the myriad ways that people developing mobile applications and content can simply and easily put their content up online and start making money from it. People with mobile content and applications moan that none of the methods for publishing and monetizing their content and applications come anywhere near the simplicity they need, and they just can’t bear the margins provided.
  • Existing web publishers keep telling us that mobile is just too early to try to make money off of, don’t bother trying yet cause the ecosystem isn’t ready. However people with novel new applications (the ones that are most well positioned to respect the context of mobile implicitly) have no chance to bring their disruptive application to fruition because the only way to make money is to bolt on a crappy web experience as well.
  • People working on standards for the mobile web and application programming environments can list for you a complete alphabet soup of acronyms describing the millions of ways in which mobile application development will be better just a few months from now. People working on applications feel like the standardization efforts take way to long and don’t deliver anything that really makes their lives any easier.

Sorry for copying this more or less directly, but is it soooo true…

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4 thoughts on “Mobile2.0 event feedback”

  1. Très juste mais le mobile2.0 ce n’est pas que des applications complexe et haute en couleur, c’est aussi une meilleur utilisation de service du SMS par exemple. De nombreuses appli reste encore à trouver avec la Voix et le Sms ont peux considérer que c’est aussi du Mobile2.0 en plus ce type de modèle gagne plus souvent et rapidement de l’argent…….

  2. In Eglish Christophe! ;-) I agree that a lot still can be done with voice and SMS, which are the main revenue driver for mobiles. But the point of Mobile2.0, in my view, is to create the next generation application, data driven, specific to mobile and of course, revenue generating….Just like Web2.0 does not prevent some Web1.0 to still be verrry succesful (Google basic search for instance)

  3. Thanks for picking up the message and carrying it along. We’re trying to figure out how we can adress some of those issues in other events, so definitely send along any ideas and suggestions.

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