Mobile Widgets: Bling Software at Demo07

Another interesting demo from Demo07 was the BlingSoftware presentation. Bling software is another new entrant into the mobile widget space. They are only on brew for now, and the position themselves as provider of the “First Ajax Client for Mobile Handset” (which is wrong by the way). But I am a little bit doubtful about such positioning. Ajax (or any other technology) is just an enabler. The Demo07 presentation was mainly showing that by changing an URL in a text file, packaging it into a software and downloading it into a Brew phone, you then have access to this picture (or video) from the phone.
Read like this, does not seems a big deal. The fact is that what happens in the background was much more complex than this (a JavaScript interpreter running on a phone as a brew app for instance) but they scenario of the demo did not captured this in my view. Doing demos is an hard job, but I am not sure that others would have done better….

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