Mobile Web2.0 (The Book!)

I had some time this week to go through the excellent Ajit Jaokar and Tony fish book about Mobile Web2.0. Even if I must admit that I sometime disagree with Ajit on “MobileWeb2.0″ vs “Mobile2.0″ (which is not only a mobile web browsing experience), there are many interesting aspect in the book.
The main trends that will drive Mobile in the future are clearly explained, as well as some topic that I follow closely like MobileWidgets and Location Based Service. I especially like the chapter about factors affecting Mobile 2.0….So it’s the first book (and probably not the last) book on this very hot topic, which is already a reference.

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3 thoughts on “Mobile Web2.0 (The Book!)”

  1. Actually imha it’s a pretty empty book apart from the list of factors you’ve written about which indeed is thoughtfull. But as for the rest it’s not really giving any insight or concrete business feedback thus it’s being kept at a conceptual level.

  2. Alex, agree that there are too many conceptual levels, but there also a few good business informations, especially for people who are outside the industry.

    But that’s right than sometime Ajiit seems to follow the trends by trying to keep as many buzzword as possible. the “I am not a number, I am a tag” is a good example. I am neither a number or a tag….I have an identitiy, a number is part of this identity. Not shure that people describe themself as a tag!

    But still some good reading on most part of the book….

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