MicroWidget is on the way

Mobile Widget I’ve just decided to start to work on something called “MicroWidget”. MicroWidget will be the equivalent for mobile of Widget, Gadget, or other inspiration source on the mobile….
Basically, it’s an XML based rendering engine with a tiny scriping language. I’ve used FScriptME as a basis for the scripting language. FScriptME is very limited, but it’s a good start. I’ve added some pseudo object oriented faciclities, like myText.data=”some text”, and some usefull xml parsing function.
As an example, here is the widget code for a Clock like widget:

<img src="/clock2.png" />

<script>< ![CDATA[  func onTimerFired() 	timeArr=explode(time()," ") 	hour=explode(timeArr[3],":") 	day.data=timeArr[2] 	secCl.angle =-toint(hour[2])*360/60+180 	minCl.angle =-toint(hour[1])*360/60+180 	hourCl.angle=-toint(hour[0])*360/12+180 	repaint() endfunc  	]]> 	</script>

The code is pretty short and can be easily understood. The only difficulty is the function “explode”, who create an array from a string.

Of course, there are plenty of other usefull function to retrive some xml data, to parse them, etc….

First result are really encouraging, but generate some interesting issue about interface design…

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5 thoughts on “MicroWidget is on the way”

  1. Tom, I posted to a different article by mistake. We’ve got a small widget engine running on CDMA phones, complete with ECMAScript 262, XML support, streaming video, audio, and a lot of cool features. A demo can be seen at the URL above. These quick, light apps can be cranked out in a day using Konfabulator-style programming. We’ll shortly have a version for J2ME phones as well.

    Standalone widgets are perfect for the mobile device. The rapid, incremental approach to development with highly visual feedback is quite rewarding. Its also a lot of fun.

  2. Scott, nice video. I totally agree that widget are perfectly suited for mobile devices…

    It must be quite chelling to put a complete ECMAscript in a small Java app? I would be interested to know more….

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