Maximum overload reached! (but still some action…)

You’ve noticed that the update frequency of the blog have slowdown by the past two weeks. I am literally overloaded with many things, and too few times to catch up with the blog for now.

But there are some interesting news:

The first one, is that I am leaving In-Fusio/Mobilescope. The In-Fusio times were great for me and we have created some extraordinary things, but after many years as CTO of In-Fusio, then MobileScope it’s time for me to move on and explore new areas….
if you follow this blog, you probably now my two hot topics: Mobile Widgets, and Geolocalisation.
I will move to Mobease with a CTO role. It’s quite certain that 2007 will be good for mobile widgets, so it will be a perfect year for the Mobease product launch: mobidgets . We did not communicate a lot, but there are great things hapenning behind the scene.

For the Geolocalisation topic, there are some on-going movements around J2memap that will be disclosed in the near future.

I will be also at the 3Gsm, in Barcelona, so let’s meet there if you think that we have some common topics! (and even if not!)
I also have a few post about some interesting project that we were working on at MobileScope that I’ll publish before the end of the week.

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5 thoughts on “Maximum overload reached! (but still some action…)”

  1. Hey Tom, congrats! Keep the good stuff coming, which I know you will…. Mobile widgets, I am confident you will help bring out the *right way* — keep a watch on JSR 290…, and GEO stuff — oh boy great two areas to concentrate on…. you know how I think about those two areas – I’m totally onboard… let’s keep in touch.


  2. Hello! Your app J2MeMap was revolution. There are a few projects in net with mobile maps (I mean not from the Google, Yahoo…).
    You reviewed some of them time by time in your blog and I think it might be interesting to you to take a look at this J2ME application.
    The app looks like real navigation tool not a toy… with great onlone maps support, of course. They released 4.2.0 version recently.
    Site has Russian and English content.

  3. This one sounds interesting. However, I would not put it into navigation in the sense of going from point A to point B (like PNB) and computing the road, it’s more displaying GPS information (speed, angle, etc..) but it do it in a nice way….

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