Linux is getting serious on mobiles

Seems to be another attempt to create the perfect OS for mobile, but this time look serious. Motorola, NEC, NTT Docomo, Panasonic, Samsung and Vodafone announced their intent to create an open Linux-Based software platform for mobile devices...

It’s just started, so let’s wait and see, but might be a serious alternative to Nokia plan with Symbian and Microsoft one with Windows for mobile. And at least, might be a better technical alternative to these ones…

Through: Mobhappy

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2 thoughts on “Linux is getting serious on mobiles”

  1. Hi,

    would like to know abt d platform for mobiles based on linux like symbian and EMP.
    linux based platform if yet to b created then linux based phones in d market wat do they use.
    as linux is open source, does the platform or the phones application suite can b modified.

    Thanks and Regards

  2. the concept is not new. Its just getting revamped. Motorola had toyed with the concept with probably a model named motocontrol i’m not sure about the name. But it was there. The device was pretty well with good speed. But lack of strong community was a main reason of failure.but this time its seems different because there are much more company interested. & symbian trying to smarten up with s60 v3.0 the war will be worth watching. 
Any comments ” “.

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