J2MEMap Update

Just to announce a new release of J2MEMap, with some great new features:

  • Support of GPS through bluetooth
  • Nice rescaling feature (similar to the GoogleLocal one)
  • WayPoint feature (nice to be use with GPS, in order to know how far you are from your destination, and what is the direction). Not yet really “driving GPS”, but quite cool.
  • Support of touch screen. On the P900, it’s quite fun to play with it…
  • Improved display of routes….
  • Support of GPX for the download of waypoint, track, etc…

Just like this one:

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One thought on “J2MEMap Update”

  1. I can’t seem to get the Bluetooth working. I have a Nokia 6230 and I am running 0.8.02. I selected “use bluetooth” in the params and my GPS is paired with the phone, but it never connects to the GPS. It seems like I’m missing a step.

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