Another fragment in the puzzle?

This recent announce (see Games elite tackles fragmentation – thanks Ajit - ) is another (and new) effort to deal with fragmentation:

Fourteen of the industry’s biggest hitters have joined forces to address mobile gaming’s handset fragmentation nightmare.

The group, which includes EA, Digital Chocolate, Nokia, Texas Instruments
and Microsoft, has defined an open gaming architecture for native
mobile games for phones. The big idea? To make development quicker and
ultimately cheaper while providing a rich gaming experience for the

Seems related but no similar to the OpenKod initiative, except that not all the participant are the same in both group. Well, sounds great on one hand (who could be against fragmentation reduction), but on the other hand, it create another fragmentation. We already had Java and his numerous JSRs, we had Brew, Symbian, Windows Mobile, than came FlashLite, and now another effort to “de-fragment”…. I love this space! So much fun in so little space!

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