Google is going to Widget, and compete with Konfabulator

Google just introduced the ability to add Widget in your starting page. The first widget are not very numerous (see the
directory ) but I guess it will increase rapidly. The “date and time” widget seems very similar, in terms of look and feel (and functionalities) to a Konfabulator widget.

May be somebody in Google read my previous posts about writing Konfabulator widgets and write something in a couple of days! ;-)

More seriously, this’s a quite good and smart approach, as it uses the browser model. So all rendering is done using HTML, JavaScript, etc… and widgets are stored on the server side. So the only missing thing, to compete with Konfabulator, is the ability to put theses Widget on your desktop…. Should not be a too difficult task, just extend Google desktop to provide the ability to open some “web pages” that contains each one a Widget, and you’re done (and ultimately, Google Desktop could finally be useful and sexy!).

Also, I would like to mention this interesting view from C.Enrique Ortiz: Google – The Best Thing That Has Happened to Yahoo! I totally share this view, and it’s a very positive proof of the utility of competition (and of course, this comment can be extended to Microsoft, hopefully).

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