French GeoPortail/GoogleMap comparaison

Four days after his launch, French service “GeoPortail“, that should fight GoogleMap at least for France and oversea dependencies still not working, due his huge success… So for those who are curious, you still can have access to the same data through another service (working this one), french Yellow pages: “
In “Quoi” (“What”) put something like “Restaurant” in “Ou?” (where?) put a city name, and press the “Vue Aerienne” (satellite view) to open a new window with an high detailled satelitte view…. So service far from being perfect, but resolution and accuracy is perfect…Note that even if both services use same data (IGN one), they have been done by two different companies.

As an example, here is a small comparaison of the same area both in GoogleMap and using IGN data. The red square on GoogleMap is the area that you see on big picture…

GoogleMap data

IGN data

So what can we expect? I am not sure that the service will be really masheable, page jaunes use some more complex URL description that prevent them to be used more or less directly….My hope is to integrate these data into J2memap, seems that this one will be the hardest to do!
So let’s wait a few weeks and see what happens…

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2 thoughts on “French GeoPortail/GoogleMap comparaison”

  1. dont acte ! Effectivement, l’image est nettement meilleur dans ce cas. Il semble en fait qu’IGN soit meilleur que Google pour les zones rurales mais moins bon sur les zones urbaines, où Google a mis les moyens pour considérablement améliorer couleurs et zoom.

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