FlashLite Digest #11

First, I apologize for being late for posting my Friday digest about Flash, especially for my first hosting – not mentioning the fact that our national team win finally a match! It’s a difficult task, as I am relatively new observer of the FlashLite community.

So, here are a few pick about the great post this week. An interesting announce of Mobilitee about the creation of a new company, AdHoc mobile, with an objective to bring revenue to developer through Mobile Advertising, in an non intrusive way. Application centric mobile advertising seems full of promise, for all type and all application size.

I use the opportunity of this digest to highlight another very interesting blog related to advertising: Adverblog, “Passion for advertising“, and that’s probably true! I think that there is plenty of idea for Flash designer here.

Justin Everett discusses the possibility to create plugins in flash to Yahoo! messenger. Even if it’s not mobile related, it is quite interesting as it show integration between a “traditional” UI and Flash outside the browser.

Marco, as always, has a plenty of useful information around FlashLite, and the big news from the past weeks was the FlashLite2 Brew extension, and provided a good summary of the interesting features.

Another post that I want to highlight, is BryanRieger post about Mobile Hypercard: developing for mobile is extremely difficult, and even, FlashLite is far from being useable by everybody, like HypercardWas.

Lastly, I want to mention the announce of “Ikivo Animator 2.0″ which support SVGTiny1.2. It will be interesting to see how these two competing technologies will evolve.

Nothing related to Flash, but takes a look at this cool resume Web2.0 oriented….

All the previous flashLite Friday posts can be found as usual here

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4 thoughts on “FlashLite Digest #11”

  1. Thomas,

    Thanks for the links and insight – it’s always nice to have a new perspective on things. I’m really interested in seeing how SVG-T 1.2 and J2ME work together down the road (but I was SVGT development was easier…). As you mentioned Flash Lite isn’t easy for everybody – hopefully Adobe addresses that, and other options appear to provide some choice and competition.

    Thanks for the advertising/marketing links – I’ve been waiting for a few more mobile marketing blogs to subscribe to. ;-)

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