Facebook vs Twitter on Social TV, where are real numbers?

Our friends from Trendrr recently disclosed some interesting numbers about Facebook usage vs Twitter usage around the NBA playoff kickoff. According to them, there is 5x more Facebook usage than Twitter usage.
Interesting because nobody for now have these data to compare, so it’s hard to get a real view, and secondly because nobody that I know hardly publish things on Facebook about TV (while many of them use Twitter for this) so may be I am not in the right category.
However, Trendrr published some stat on the NBA:

(click to see full size image)

If you take a look at the number, you see:

Total on air activity: 3.190.816
Facebook on air activity: 2.377.251

So total is probably facebook+other networks, like Twitter (so 813 565 tweets or maybe less, that’s where come the 5x more than Twitter)

But take a look at the other numbers:

FB on air posts + comments +shares=924.266. So, what are the others? Like? Yes, majority of FB usage seems to be like even if there is a decent amount of comments, but more in the range of Twitter

The last interesting data, is FB on air uniques: 210.760 . Waow, this is not bad in SocialTV metric, but typically in the Twitter range. I would be curious to know how many unique users have tweeted on this same event, but I guess it’s probably more than 210.760 unique users.

Typically, there is around 2 to 3 tweet in average per event, so it should be around 300.000 unique twitter users….

Even, these are much bigger numbers thanthe 95% twitter vs 5% facebook that are usually used in the industry, but below the 1 vs 5 for Facebook.
Facebook can easily bypass these kind of issue by providing better metrics to companies like us ( TrendsMotion) without compromising security and privacy of conversation! Let’s start to work together…

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