European vs. American mobile phone use

I want to higlight this excellent post:”European Vs American Mobile phone use” in “MobileOpportunity” about differences between European and US phone usage. It started by this post “What is Palm made a smartphone and nobody cared” which contains also some info on this topic…
A lot of very valuable remarks for American or European, to understand some of the cultural differences about phones usage (I understand now why US does not like the word Operator! ;-) )

One thought on “European vs. American mobile phone use”

  1. There is one very BIG difference that is not mentioned anywhere i looked: in europe incoming calls are not charged to to the receiver of the call.. This is why a pre paid plan will work there. Here in the US , where you pay also for incoming calls,people tend to buy a lots of minutes because you never know who will call you.
    Also I find it way way way cheaper in europe to have a cell phone
    plan.. To have to pay for incoming calls is quite the scam here in the US. It makes plans too expensive. In The Netherlands and in Germany, my friends and relatives all have pre paid plans for their kids. They only pay 15 euro’s for 100 minutes ( and don’
    t pay for incoming calls)

    You have to compare apples with apples..

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