Discovered this website – through Jason Delport’s Mobile Observation blog

Higly interesting paper on fragmentaitons issues, and on different way to solve them!
And like Jason, I like the way Dimath Rajapkse categorize the various technique used:

I think I’ve experimented all the techniques since I am in mobile industry, from the “old” manual multi, where I you had to do the porting “by hand”, to various multi method.
I personally think that the Derive-Multi are well adapted for one shot products, like Games, while the Single-Adapt are more adapted to long term product that require constant evolution, like Webwag for instance.

It’s also true that most of the developpeur combine some of this techniques .

But at the end of the day, dealing with JavaME is not the most complex issue. We now have to deal with JavaME+Androïd+Flash and now iPhone native and Silverlight! Waow, good time for porting companies….

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