CTO Handbook — How to care for and feed your CTO

A great piece of reading  (discovered through AboutMobility weblog): CTO Handbook — How to care for and feed your CTO
He defined three types of CTO:

  • The Technical Founder – the person that wrote the code that got the
    company off the ground. Has sweated to give the alpha/beta/product life
    and as a result any criticisms are effectively received/interpreted as
    “Your baby is ugly! Now where’s your Corn Flakes so I can piss in them
    too!” Is never far from code.
  • The Visionary – sometimes seen as the flake without any “real”
    deliverables. Is never far from a whiteboard. Can write code but
  • The Figure Head – parachuted in, probably did or was associated with
    something impressive in a semi-related industry. Doesn’t know most of
    the company but is on a first name basis with most flight crew. Is
    never far from PowerPoint.

The next game, just like CEO is doing, is then to think which part of these description fit in your profile!

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