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What is a multiplayer game?

I’ve just been through one of the report following the last CTIA (, and I have noticed this comment, from Bill Barhdyt, CEO of Sennari:

“Speaking of multiplayer gaming, Barydt defined networked mobile gaming by two categories: person to person interaction (through advertising, in-game transactions and AI-based game content) and person to machine (instant messaging. turn-based tournaments and wagering)”

What does this mean…. As usual, multiplayer game is not the only way tu use network, sending score, managing interaction, turn based games , etc.. are other type of interactive games with the server…
We used to name this connected game, and were too honnest to not put this into the multiplayer category…So we were doing multiplayer in this definition since ’99…A real precusor!

YAB: Yet Another Blog

Well, another guy writting his small blog in the cyberspace? For what? My purpose will be to share some of my views on various technical topics related to wireless, mobile, and internet! There are probably already plenty of these, but I see one key advantage for me: it will help to write some of the idea, thinking, etc…on the things around me, and prevent them to disappear!

And of course, feel free to add your comments, suggestion!