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BlueTooth enabled ads

I’ve just discovered this company, producing Bluetooth enabeld adds for Viacom:

That’s a great idea, and quite interesting way to communicate with most portable devices, including celle phone: get a video trailer of movies, mobile game associated to console game launches, internet links, mapping access, etc….

Update: Thanks to this post in Axel mobility blog (in French), I’ve found several others company on the same kind of market:

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Communicating with the external world….

Interesting announce today:
TIM unveils Z-SIM SIM card with radio technology“.

So what does this mean? Another way (one more) for a mobile to communicate with the external world. Not only through GRPS or UMTS as today, but also to interact locally with your physical environment.
The examples given in this announce are really interesting, like interaction with home appliance, purchasing TV content, parking payment, etc…

This opens some great opportunities for mobile developers, and also for operators! ;-) Phone (or more accurately Sim card) could be more and more a way to identify yourself beyond just the area of phone calls, and to do transactions, mainly micro-transactions.
Of course, operator will be the big winner in this scenario as it will manage the transactions, and I would be interesting to see what will be the bank reactions in this scenario. But that’s so annoying to get your credit card out if you want to by a 1€ songs….

For those who are interested, take a look at JSR257
, contactless communication API. It cover also things like Visual Smart Tags, a very interesting way to get information from you’re environment by taking a picture of a specific tags, or NFC, which is the extension of RFID in the consumer world…

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