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How to easily include maps in your startpage (like Webwag!)

Thanks to the new “Link to this page” feature of Google, you can easily embeed a map into you’re personnal start page.
Here is how to do it:

In Google map, press the “Link to this page” link, at the top left

Then, just select the “iframe” line, and in your webwag add an “HTML container” widget and copy the content of the iframe line into the HTML code section of the widget…and you’re done: you now have a direct link with this Google Map, from your start page. If the map is updated, your widget will be updated.

From Google LatLon blog

La Terre vue du ciel (Earth from above)

Absolutely not related to mobile, but so cool:An incredible work done to find on GoogleEarth the exact places and directions where all the pictures of the book “La Terre vue du Ciel” has been shoot. Some are then put as overlay on GoogleMap, others are just the exact position than Yann Arthus Bertrand had when taking the pictures. Result is amazing as you can see:

The link to the KML file is here….Enjoy

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WayFinder 3D

In case you missed it (I’ve missed it!), a demo of Wayfinder 3D is available for Symbian S60. It’s a Symbian native application (1.7 meg and even, does not contains any map!). You can use it to find service…But with some strange behavior. For instance, to get weather, you have to re-enter (manually) your location! Does not work with GPS (says that I need to “update” it?)

Through mobitrends

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Navigation on mobile for free (nearly)

I’ve just realized recently that GoogleMap has an interesting possibility. When looking for directions, you can specify a latitude/longitude location instead of an address. This opens up the possibilty of real time directions on your mobile, linked to your GPS( thanks to J2memap)…
So I’ve quickly implemented this in Version v0.906, thanks to the “here” location in the direction box. If you type or selecet here, your coordinates will be used as a starting point.

Here is an example:

Lost in Paris?

Lets find an hotel

Do I have an issue with “é”?

Let’s find how to go there


and follow the sign…

This is GPS navigation for free (except the data costs, that might be huge depending of your operator!)

And my disclaimer: this is an experimental feature, and does not attempt to replace any “real” navigation system!

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French GeoPortail/GoogleMap comparaison

Four days after his launch, French service “GeoPortail“, that should fight GoogleMap at least for France and oversea dependencies still not working, due his huge success… So for those who are curious, you still can have access to the same data through another service (working this one), french Yellow pages: “
In “Quoi” (“What”) put something like “Restaurant” in “Ou?” (where?) put a city name, and press the “Vue Aerienne” (satellite view) to open a new window with an high detailled satelitte view…. So service far from being perfect, but resolution and accuracy is perfect…Note that even if both services use same data (IGN one), they have been done by two different companies.

As an example, here is a small comparaison of the same area both in GoogleMap and using IGN data. The red square on GoogleMap is the area that you see on big picture…

GoogleMap data

IGN data

So what can we expect? I am not sure that the service will be really masheable, page jaunes use some more complex URL description that prevent them to be used more or less directly….My hope is to integrate these data into J2memap, seems that this one will be the hardest to do!
So let’s wait a few weeks and see what happens…

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Geotagging and Pictures (and a world record!)

I’ve added a few nice features in the latest J2memap release (v0.9, not yet you): the ability to take some pictures, and to upload them directly to Flickr with some geotagged flags thanks to the mobup classe
The other day, I was in the french fast train, and make probably the record of the fastest geotaged and uploaded picture in real time, at 300 kmh! I forgot to switch on full size, so quality is quite bad, but it got the position on the map, as well as the snapshot of J2memap who include some nice icons once the picture has been geottaged: it’s quite easy, just take a picture, and it will be send to Flickr using your current GPS position.
Here are a few screenshots:

The picture in Flickr (ok, the resolution is really to small)

The screen of the mobile (yes, TGV was not at 300 km/h at that time, only 295…)

the result on the great tool

I like this one, as it a real good example of mashing up different tools, googlemap, flickr,, j2memap, and a little bit of mobup… No real usage yet (who knows? ;-) ), but fun!

Geotagging with mobile is in the air, Martin is doing some experiment too, look at it…Technorati Tags:

J2MeMap update

It’s not because you do not see anything you about J2MEMap that the product is not progressing. I will release shortly a beta of next version of J2meMap. In the meantime, I suggest that you download latest version (0.809) who correct some bugs:

  • MSN Virtueal Earth now back!
  • A few caching memory management issues

So what will contains the new version? A lot of focus on “track” management, I will describe this later on on a more detailled post.

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Cool feature of provide a service similar to Google Local/Map. At a first view, nothing really new. But what I really like is the “add location” feature. Just click on a point in the map, and this will put a marker on the map, with the street location on it. Technically speaking, this is reverse geocoding, but it’s not provided by Google. If you put more point, then compute the direction between these two point. You can even move the point by dragging them, and the direction is recomputed in real time. No more that what a navigation system does, but for the first time avail from the web!

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mPowerplay and J2memap

First, I’ve finally went upgraded J2memap with some important functions. search is now fixed (but not yet direction), but more important, a some memory allocation issue on Nokia has been fixed.
I take the occasion of this note to “introduce” mPowerplay. This fantastic tool enable you to display any midlet on the web, without any change, just by adding ” before the URL of the midlet you want to display, and ending with “.jnlp”. Of course, you can protect your midlet if you want, for demo games for instance. I am just surprised to see that no so many developers are using it. See the result on J2memap: J2meMap_Beta

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Improvement on Google Map tiles

Just got an information that some GoogleMap tiles jave been greatly enhanced. And that true. Check these two snapshots, left the old version, right the new one. I will modify J2memap to take in accound these changes. Even better, maximum resolution has also been improved! A little bit more complex to do for me, but update on the way too…

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Fun with GoogleMap

I’ve found this nace racing application just recently: it’s a small javascript that simulate a racing game on top of GoogleMap. As it’s in Japaneese, I’ve just grab the script to and make it run on top of SF, one of my favorite spot! ;-). Of course, there is no collision detection with “walls”, but this could be probably implemented using a specific client…If i have time, I would like once do it using my J2meMap framework (or if anybody interested by this?)….
But it’s an interesting example of one of the numerous game that game be done using google map API. I did not see a lot yet, there is this one, a Golf game (nice idea, but bad interface)….

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J2meMap update: issues with search

An update for J2meMap: it seems that Google changed recently the result of the “search” and “direction” requests, moving from XML to HTML.
Not sure if it’s an attempt for third party app (like J2meMap) to stop using their result. But in all case, the “search”, and “direction” feature of J2meMap does not work anymore.
I will try to fix it ASAP, hoping that they won’t do any change in the near future.

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Support for Bluetooth GPS in J2ME Map

This picture show J2ME Map communicating with a Bluetooth enabled head (this is the BETA vrsion, 07.03). This works quite well, and you are able to get your positionning while driving and display it on a Google Map/Virtual Earth Map… That’s quite fun, this probably needs to be linked to other features like direction. One things that is missing in Google Map is reversegeocoding, in other words the ability to get a street adress from your current position, feature which exists anyway in GoogleLocal for mobile!

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Where do you live?

Playing a little bit with GoogleMap, and having saw a nice page somewhere on the web (but I really can not find it anymore) showing all the list of tiles to go to a specific location of GoogleMap, I’ve just created a fun page where you just enter a latitude longitude, and he shows the list of tile from here.
You can try it at

For instance, for statue of liberty, it’s:

Have fun!

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