BluePulse: widget or browsing?

If you follow my blog, you have probably seen that I’ve started to look at the concept of “Widget on Mobile”, Micro Widget (or Mobile Widget) with this: MicroWidgets is on the Way.

That’s why this BluePulse announce seemed to me quite interesting. The ideas seems to download “widget”, on your mobile, and get revenu from this. But after trying it, I’ve been a little bit disapointed. The so called widget seems to like more as Web pages. I did not take a look at the SDK yet, but seems to me more an attempt to surf on the Widget wave than a real innovative product. Yes, just like other said, I might be missing something but this is definitevly not Konfabulator for mobile phones.

One of the issue is that there is no caching between sessions, so you do have to reload each time the “pages”, and “pages” are not grouped together, so it really gives the feeling of a browser, without the features!

Regarding business model (which is from what I see not really in place, but planned), it seems subscription based par “channel”, similar to what others are doing (typically imode).

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4 thoughts on “BluePulse: widget or browsing?”

  1. Hello Alan, that’s what I will do if you can provide me the SDK. I will update my entry after reviewing more deeply the features…Anyway, I am still interested by knowing how you intent to monetize this

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