Augmented Reality: Total Immersion moving on CellPhone?

Earlier this year, I had a post about potential interest of augmented reality on mobile. It seems that Total Immersion, the leader of this sector – well now with a famous demo 2004 presentation  haves also plans for mobile.
Here is a video which shows some potential usage of AR on mobile for advertising for instance. Sorry, the video is in french. Examples includes “augmented reality advertising”, and the manipulation of a small character. I am sure that there are much more interesting scenarios than these one, so let’s see….
On negative things is that the demo still running on a PC, and very little to do with mobile now. One of the great things with AR on mobile, is that the concept of a camera phone allows you to use the mobile as a “window” or a “lens” that transform what you see. This feeling does not happen with the current demo where you have to look in a different direction to see the results. Hope that before 3GSM this will be solved (Total Immertion plans to demonstrate it on 3Gsm next year).

Video: Total Immersion – On10

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