5 things you don’t know about me

 Well, seems that I’ve also been tagged for “5 things you don’t know about me”, but twice! The objective of the game is to give five “unknown” facts about you, and spread this virally to five other people…

  So this came from Seb and Wendong!

  • I started to work as a game developer for UbiSoft during my student period. Ported a crap game, and had to get a serious job in the telecommunications later on.

  • I was in Africa (Zaïre that came later Republic Democratic of Congo) and enjoyed some civil war
  • I’ve made a lot of pirate TV decoders during my engineering school! (for
  • I am now a definitive Ruby On Rails addict! The best productivity boost since I’ve discovered Java, 11 years ago.

  • I own a collection of “museum computers and console”, like Vectrex, ZX81,  Colecovision, Atari Lynx, Gizmodo, etc….

  So, let’s follow the link with a few suggestions for the next providers of these five facts:

- Pascal Darre
- tmenguy (everything and the software universe)
- Philiipe Kerignard (truc de ouf in French)
- Fred Brunel
- Alexander Cassovici ( Mobitrends)

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