TvTweet: realtime analytics around SocialTv and Twitter


Thanks to TvTweet, you can have real time information about all tvshows and their twitter audience, for France and UK.
Beyonf real time information, you have anlytics and historical data about these Tv show.

You have a cool real time dashboard:


or some more detailled information about a show:

For more informations, visit us, there are plenty of features on the way!

Fast Gaussian Blur alogrithm (on iPhone)

I had to implement a Gaussian Blur for an ihpone project, and the direct approach was really slow. For each point, you compute a rxrx4 pixels for each point (r is that rayon of the blur).

I’ve tried several other approach, but I found the stackblur alorgirthm. The idea of the stackblur is instead of recomputed all the neighbouround points for each new points, you juste maintain a stack of value, and remove/add value on the fly.

The source code is availabe on git hub with a sample project:

The source code is adpated from the Mario Kingemann algorithm, check his web site, full of good stuff