Webwag V2.0 mobile beta: the best mobile widget engine ever!

Ok, may be I am a little bit too enthousiate, but really, we are happy with our first realease of V2 Beta.

Features include:

  • A new dashboard, with a “grid layout”, with a cool reflection effect
  • A lot of otpimized function (I’ll go in details later on)

But also, plenty of cool widgets to play with:

  • Enhanced mail
  • Daily comics (Garfield, Dilbert, etc…)
  • Sudoku
  • Wikipedia
  • Google/MSN and Yahoo search
  • Traffic information

And of course, much more handset supports, including blackberries!

But some technical enhancement, interesting for all widget developers:

  • Enhanced “HTML renderer”
  • Much more JavaScript support: JSON creation and serialisation , Date object, etc… I
  • Introduction of some new cool high level objects:
  • TableElem, to easily display table within Widget
  • Container object…

It never been as easy to create mobile widgets, using JavaScript and other standard technologies (XML, HTML, Json,…)

So, I will share with you 20 invites for this new version, available here! be fast:

Got my 3G iPhone!

Just got my 3G iphone: a 100€ deal for a 16G one thanks to Orange incredible offer (and I still keep my old one!). Nice object, but screen look not as good as first generation, and I am encoutering a lot of random crash…. But the AppStore is a very good app, and show how the discovery part is important. Up to now, most of the mobile discovery systems where browser based, which does not give the feeling that applications are high values which was a problem mainly for games. With the AppStore, both the discovery and the payment are easy to do (and that was one of the problem that In-Fusio solved since 2000, by providing and embeeded while upgreadable discovery with an easy to use payment system! ;-) )
For more interesting comment on this, check CEO post: “Who said local apps are RIP? It is about ease of discovery

Related to the iPhone, two interesting things:

A great blog post, on the 15 risks that Apple had to fight with the iPhone: iPhone: The bet Steve Jobs didn’t decline.

And I must agree with the first comment: I was also very doubtful about the Apple ability to enter this complex and closed market, but they’ve done it!

Shazam - experience music
The second cool thing is “Shazam“, a very nice free application, downloadable from the AppStore: this app allows you to “tag” any song by recorgin a about 20 seconds of it, and magically, Shazam will show you the title, artist, and even for most of them some related links to the iTune store to buy it, or view a video from YouTube. Great app and perfect realisation! This is similar to TrackID, implemented on some phone, but here, the user experience is close to perfect.