FlashLite: the beginning or the end?

Two very intersting news last week:

Adobe creating the OpenScreen project , aiming to reove some licensing restriction on Flash and Flashlite format, giving access to some Flash porting API…

The spirit is of course to be able to deliver Flash on much more device than today. I am still amazed by the low REAL usage of Flash on mobile device. This could have been the enabler of killer app, but due to many mistake, mainly from Adobe, they missed their window of opportunity. This seems to be one of the latest attempt to reverse the trend.
Is it too late?

The other (probably linked) news is the announce from SonyEricsson of project Capuchin. This project wants to link Java and Flash world. This is one of the most interesting things for Flash since a long time.

One interesting things is that SonyEricsson has been a strong promoter of standards, and it’s interesting to see it for once doing some properietary API, and for a propietary technology.

This is also probably a bad news for SVG, which never reall took off, as an alternativbe technology to Flash for creating vector content on mobile.

For your records, it’s also something that we were doing in “Exen”, at In-Fusio, in the early 2000. The game engine was able to play Flash animations (but Flash 4 only) within Java, and for instance, use Flash clip as a sprite within a game. Seemed to be a good idea, but this has never been widely used in our games: lack of documentation, portability issue, etc…