Looking for J2ME developers

We are hiring some Embedded/J2ME developers at mobease. So if you are a talented mobile developer (J2me, Symbian), ideally with some experience, send us your resume. Job is located south west of France, in Bordeaux, but we are open to some remote development on a case by case basis…

We are also looking for Web/server side developers: you like to play with php, javascript, ruby?

More info on the Mobease jobs page.

Join the mobile widget revolution! :-)

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Mobile Widgets: Bling Software at Demo07

Another interesting demo from Demo07 was the BlingSoftware presentation. Bling software is another new entrant into the mobile widget space. They are only on brew for now, and the position themselves as provider of the “First Ajax Client for Mobile Handset” (which is wrong by the way). But I am a little bit doubtful about such positioning. Ajax (or any other technology) is just an enabler. The Demo07 presentation was mainly showing that by changing an URL in a text file, packaging it into a software and downloading it into a Brew phone, you then have access to this picture (or video) from the phone.
Read like this, does not seems a big deal. The fact is that what happens in the background was much more complex than this (a JavaScript interpreter running on a phone as a brew app for instance) but they scenario of the demo did not captured this in my view. Doing demos is an hard job, but I am not sure that others would have done better….

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They are back: Total Immersion at Demo07

Total Immersion, a company specialised in augmented reality, strike back again in Demo07. They had a convincing demo about augmented reality, maybe not as innovative as the 2004 one, but more mature.
The also introduced an augmented virtual reality application through wireless device (an UMPC, which is not yet exactly a mobile phone…). They showed the usage of augmented reality for advertising and game.
As I said last time, they are going into the right direction, but these mobile application still need some improvment to be convincing, but that’s juste the beginning…An amazing usage of your phone camera….

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